Data Capabilities as Linking Pin Between Business, IT and Data Management

Written by Ronald Baan

Ronald is a data enthusiast who spends his time sharing his passion in data with others.

14 December 2022

For some time I have been showing people that Data Capabilities are the link between the business, IT and Data Management.

The talking plate as I call it gives recognition to the business and you can explain well that sometimes certain use cases for data (reporting, analytics, etc.) can take a bit more time than initially thought. Why does it take so long to build a dashboard (that we want to use long-term), but I can get an analysis of an idea I just got next week (but the week after that it’s gone again, no problem).

For IT it’s also a very recognizable one, because now suddenly they see data capabilities, immediately think of applications and tools, infrastructure and see the connection. A “toolchain” to make all the capabilities work together or thinking about which data capabilities are reflected in which applications. The data catalog can take care of the business glossary, data dictionary and data lineage in addition to metadata, for example.

For the data management function, it is important to make the translation to policies (what do we do and how do we do …, such as data retention, data quality, data modeling, etc.), to processes, to implementations and, of course, don’t forget, to people. How will you ensure that people have enough knowledge to do data-related tasks well?

3 parties on 1 line, that is the purpose of data capabilities. Also, the link between the business capabilities, the data capabilities and the data management framework (e.g. DAMA DMBoK).

I hope you can use the talking point, let me know!

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