The CDO Kano problem

Written by Ronald Baan

Ronald is a data enthusiast who spends his time sharing his passion in data with others.

21 December 2022

Why the CDO (chief data officer) has a Kano problem.
I heard someone say it again the other day, on average a CDO lasts 30 months in such a position. That’s a very bad score.

The reason? Customers (in the broad sense) are not satisfied. Even if many plans succeed and are executed well, many will still not be very satisfied.

The Kano model explains this (see, for example,

In a nutshell, the CDO has a mix of objectives that best produces ‘not dissatisfied’ customers. Well, so even if you do everything perfectly, hardly anyone gets very excited about that.

This is also what (we in) data management are(are) dealing with. We lay the foundation on which others can create enormously cool and good reports and innovative data services and products and, of course, make a good impression. We don’t always get the credit for this; that’s kind of part of the job.

However, it is important that data management is well anchored/represented at C-level. Hence my question: how do we ensure that the CDO gets more satisfied customers. One trend(s) is to make it the Chief Data & Analytics Officer, so that the cool stuff in analytics also brings credit for data management.

What are your ideas? Put it in the comments below!

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