My Next chapter in Mastering Data

Written by Ronald Baan

Ronald is a data enthusiast who spends his time sharing his passion in data with others.

5 October 2022

In my work, I keep seeing the same data challenges come along. It’s about governance, data quality and these are really challenges that cause a lot of headaches.

It certainly doesn’t get any easier if there is little understanding and support from management. Then governance and data quality is all about operational improvement. Often, roles are then still assigned (data stewards, data managers), but little else is done for employees who have data roles. It is mainly policy making, improvement implementation, reporting and back again.

Whereas collecting, managing and, above all, using data properly has so much potential.

I am therefore going to guide individuals and organisations to do more with data. Ensure that optimising, innovating and, especially in these times, moving the goalposts without losing control is made even easier and more reliable.

I therefore offer the following:

  • The Data Instructor: individuals (such as the CDO, C-level managers and Data Managers) I help in regular sessions with advice to deepen their role, operate wisely in the dynamic corporate or managerial environment, establish effective data strategies and shape the data organisation. I also help programmes and projects (e.g. major migrations) get key data issues right with a focus on governance, people, technology and data;
  • The Data Training: training employees in different data roles, so that they are end-to-end more aware and proficient in data and data management for their work. From specific training to the knowledge areas of the DAMA DMBoK;
  • The Data Workshop: together with employees in different roles in the same organisation, discuss, analyse and determine the way forward on the challenges of data and data management in the organisation. Discuss big and small challenges, understand each other better and get data even better in order, sometimes you need some extra help from outside.
  • The Data Masterclass: letting people with the same role from different organisations help each other in a safe environment, under my watchful eye as an experience expert and DAMA board member. A separate masterclass for each data management role, so CDOs, data managers, data stewards and data officers share with and learn from each other.
  • The training courses and workshops are held in-house, the master classes at external locations.

I also remain active as a Data Architect, with a passion for technology and a focus on people and processes.

Interested? Feel free to contact me at

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