People – Process – Capability – Data

Written by Ronald Baan

Ronald is a data enthusiast who spends his time sharing his passion in data with others.

4 April 2022

Often a picture or an image (in words) says more than a lot of talking and explanation. A beautiful image I like is the pyramid with each corner 1 of the 4 building blocks of what we have and do in an organization.

It is especially important to realize that there is an interaction between these 4 building blocks. If you upgrade a system, it affects the people, processes and data. If the quality of your data is insufficient, it will affect the people, processes and systems. This nicely indicates which knobs you need to turn if you want to move forward.

This model works on a micro and macro level and places the building blocks in context.

Also in the #DAMA#DMBoK we use this image (page 36 figure 6 ‘DAMA Environmental Factors Hexagon’) with ‘Goals & Principles’ in the middle and this is the basis for the context diagrams of the knowledge areas of the DAMA Wheel.

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