Data persists!

Written by Ronald Baan

Ronald is a data enthusiast who spends his time sharing his passion in data with others.

18 April 2022

So what is so different about data when you compare it to people, processes and systems?

If you look at the policy below, you know: people, processes and systems that created and managed this policy are gone, even the organizations are gone, but the data is still there. With the data, you can still construct a good portion of what was.

That’s why data-centric thinking is much more sustainable, than system- or process-centric thinking. Most organizations don’t think data-centric (yet). Systems, applications and processes are leading. Although we know that SAP is being replaced by the next system, Azure is hot now but not in a few years (?), that organizations are continuously being acquired, split, merged.

I want to make a case for liberating data from systems and processes, for describing data system- and process-independently, making it frequently and long-term usable and reusable.

Data-driven starts here!

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