Waarom Capital One CIO Mike Eason houdt van een bezoek aan zijn big data lake

Written by Ronald Baan

Ronald is een data-enthousiasteling die zijn tijd besteedt aan het delen van zijn passie voor data met anderen.

15 maart 2021

Goed artikel over het data lake in de cloud en wat dat voor enorme stap voorwaarts betekent voor deze financiële service provider (Capital One Credit cards):
– Kosten
“One is just from a macro standpoint, the cost of data and compute is just dramatically reduced. When we were on prem, we were using the Teradatas of the world and others, and the cost of compute and space is dramatically different than it is today.”

– Flexibiliteit
“here [in cloud computing], it’s the elastic nature of it”
“during the holidays, we can spin up more compute and more space and everything to handle the different loads as everyone’s doing their holiday shopping, and so that aspect of the cloud has just been phenomenally important to us, and just a game changer”

– 1 plek voor alle data
“From a lake standpoint, the amount of data that we can capture and utilize in our models is just tremendously different — like exponentially different. The lake provides that one copy of everything for us, and is the one place where all the data will be.”

– Publiceren naar meerder omgevingen
“it’s one pipeline that gets to publish to many different locations. It’s a simple, more self-service kind of platform for end users of publishing data”
“the low-latency environment for more back-end, really quick models, making a fraud decision in the moment. … Fraud is a great case of that. You’re swiping the card, we have less than 100 milliseconds of determining if this is a fraudulent transaction or not. And you want as much data and as [many] data points to be able to make that decision.”

En het artikel is nog langer en de moeite waard als je meer wilt weten over data lake en toepassingen in de financiële wereld.


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